Water-Survival boxes, dispatched by air to Haiti.


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13 Jan.2010







































Earthquake disaster in Haiti - January 2010


Devastated Haiti – Water-Survival Box update - January 2010


We succeeded (after many unsuccessful attempts) to speak directly with Dr Claude Surena (PP of the Rotary Club of Petionville), who is the Rotary Haiti Disaster Chair. We were able to tell him that we had 200 Water-Survival Boxes immediately available and would be sending them by air as soon as possible. We last worked with Dr Surena in September, 2008 when we sent 100 WSBs to help families rendered homeless following a series of hurricanes that devastated the island. 

We have now confirmed collection by DHL of our consignment of the 200 Water-Survival Boxes. They are to be taken into Port au Prince, via Miami, for delivery to Dr Claude Surena. He is co-ordinating all Rotary aid and arranging with the local Red Cross (Croix Rouge Haitienne) for delivery to those most in need. It has taken some time for DHL to be given the authority to proceed due to the logjam of aircraft with aid at Miami airport (over the weekend more than 100 civilian aircraft were waiting for permission to fly into Port au Prince).


 Under normal circumstances we would expect our boxes to be delivered within three or four days of collection from us. Given the chaotic nature of the operation in Miami and Port au Prince the timeframe may be less predictable. I understand this situation is also affecting ShelterBox and Oxfam aid supplies (both of whom ship via DHL).


We currently have supplies and boxes so that further packing sessions will be organised starting immediately until we have another 150 boxes ready. This should be achieved within 24 hours. As new funding is being received we are placing orders for further supplies and anticipate a rolling programme of deliveries being received, production line being topped up, and further boxes being packed. Given the scale of this disaster that process will continue for so long as Dr Surena advises on the need. Any surplus funds will, of course, be used to prepare further supplies for future disasters.

We are very grateful for the tremendous response already received from Rotary Clubs in most Districts in RIBI and know that many fund-raising events are being organised in the days ahead. Donations should be by cheque made out to Worldwaterworks Limited and sent to me: Hugo Pike, Rotary c/o The White House, Pensford, Bristol BS39 4NE.

More funds are urgently needed if further help is to be sent. Donations should be made by cheque to ‘Worldwaterworks Limited’ and sent c/o Rotary, The White House, Pensford, Bristol BS39 4NE. 

WorldWaterWorks Limited is a Registered Charity sponsored by the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge. For more information see www.worldwaterworks.org or call 01761-490369. 

For more information visit www.rotary.org and www.chelwood-rotary.com