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WorldWaterWorks & The Water Survival Box

The Water Survival Box is a fully paid for product full of new items and does not need filling by external organisations. The new items will be tailored to suit the disaster locations. The cost of a survival box is £150. (inclusive of airfreight costs). Purchases can be made online and we would appreciate your support.

WorldWaterWorks is managed by the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge.

                   From 10 am on 4 December 2014

For the fourth year running Worldwaterworks Limited has been accepted as a participant in the 2014 Challenge. Notification came late this year and yet, thanks to a speedy response from 13 Clubs in our own District 1200 we have secured pledges for the full £7,000 we had set as our target for the first phase. In order to be able to draw down a further £7,000 from the BigGive charity we need to receive a total of £14,000 in on-line donations in the second phase. This commences at 1000 am on Thursday, 4 December. The Challenge rules restrict the amount of donations that can be matched on each of the first three days but, providing enough donations come in during that period the full extra £7,000 can be achieved. In the past three years we have received great support from Rotary Clubs across RIBI – not least because Clubs like the idea that monies they donate will trigger the pledges made before 31 October and enable them to be matched. Whilst the grand total of £28,000 is not an enormous sum it does represent some 200 WSBs – each of which can keep a family protected from water borne disease for up to a year following disaster. Clubs that wish to help us in this way should go online at 1000 am on 4 December and go to www.thebiggive.org.uk  – scroll down - open the section Charities A – Z – click on the capital W – scroll all the way down a very long list of charities – Worldwaterworks Ltd is on the fifth line up from the bottom – click on that – then on the right hand side near the top click on ‘Donate online now’ – then follow the instructions, or use the "Donate Online", button.  If you are happy to do this please send me a message when you have successfully completed the on-line pledge so that I can connect the name of the donor to their Rotary Club.


240 Water Survival Boxes en route to the Red Cross in Serbia.  
28 May 2014

Rotary's consignment of Water Survival Boxes will be traveling on a Serbian Red Cross vehicle along with humanitarian aid provided by various NGOs and members of local communities based in the UK. The consignment is expected to arrive on Monday 2nd June, and from then on, Rotary Club of Belgrade-Vracar will provide necessary assistance and logistical support to Red Cross in distributing WSBs to the areas most affected. Further information to follow.

Distribution of 800 Water-Survival Boxes continues on Olotayan island off the north coast of Panay, Western Visayas, Central Philippines.

800 Water-Survival Boxes have been distributed in the vicinity of Roxas City and on Olotayan island off the north coast of Panay, Western Visayas, Central Philippines. Members of the Humanity First Canada team, led by Dr Aslam Daud, can be seen taking the boxes by boat to the island, offloading them, and then demonstrating the water purification kits and other contents before handing them to families in need.

Photographs courtesy of Humanity First


During the past year, as we have responded to disasters in the Far East, Indian sub-continent, Africa, and Caribbean, our stock of uncommitted packed Water-Survival Boxes has reduced significantly and it is vital that we now attract the funds needed to restock. Just to add a further 1,000 standard Water-Survival Boxes will cost some £150,000 and we hope Clubs that are in latest-news.htmla position to assist respond now and that all Clubs build in a forward commitment to assist during the new Rotary Year. Whilst Rotarians in Chelwood Bridge continue to provide all the necessary management and practical effort required we are heavily dependent on our Rotary friends across RIBI and overseas to provide the funds to 'make it happen'.
£150 pays for the cost of a standard WSB and £350 a multi-pack of five (water purification kits only) both including the cost of air freight to ensure the boxes get to those in need as quickly as possible. Remember that as a pure Rotary charity all the management of the Water-Survival Box project and the practical work involved in getting boxes packed is done by members of our Rotary Club with hands-on help from other volunteers from Rotary, Inner Wheel and our local schools and community groups. We have no paid employees and every pound donated goes directly to pay for the boxes, contents, our fixed costs and air freight.

Donations can be made securely, online via the Big Give Charity

Donations can also be made by cheque to Worldwaterworks Limited and sent to our registered charity office, Westfield Business Centre, Second Avenue, Westfield Trading Estate, Midsomer Norton BA3 4BH.

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