A further 20

 Water Survival Boxes dispatched.




















Banda Aceh - Indonesia - February 2008


As part of our ongoing support to Tsunami struck Bandah Aceh in Indonesia.

More than 2000 Boxes were sent immediately following the disaster and we have continued to support the Leuser International Foundation in their work in the area.

The new-style Boxes will be distributed to the most needy and assessed by our team on the ground. The feedback will allow us to further improve and enhance the product.

WorldWaterWorks has a pro-active operation which is further proof that the support given to us by your donations is being used in the most effective and efficient way.
This is shown in the quality of the product, the fast response time and the use of reliable Aid Agencies for distribution.

The supply of Water Bowsers to Leuser is also under review and our intention is to supply more of these units to Indonesia and to other areas of the world where the availability and distribution of water is a problem.''