Water-Survival boxes, dispatched by air to Karachi.





A consignment of Water-Survival Boxes leaving Karachi for the city of Turbat in Balochistan

Mothers and children inspecting the contents of the Water-Survival Box


Pregnant women check out the hygiene items


Children look on as the contents of another box are emptied out

Woman examines the water purification pack contained in the WSB













Disaster in South-East Pakistan - July 2007


Devastated Pakistan – Water-Survival Box update - July 2007


During the past week some 800,000 people have been made homeless by flooding in Pakistan's Balochistan province, with hundreds of thousands of homes destroyed. Many of them are without electricity or drinking water four days after a cyclone hit coastal districts.


Villagers flee after their homes were destroyed by flood in Pakistan's tribal area of Khyber near Afghanistan's border, Friday, June 29, 2007. Hungry victims of monsoon-spawned floods rioted Friday, protesting slow, meagre aid reaching their marooned villages where many feared the receding waters would yield numerous corpses. 


Pakistan has been hit by storms for almost two weeks. An estimated 1.5 million people have been affected and around 300 lives lost across the country. Vast tracts of land in Baluchistan Province have been ravaged by floods and Cyclone Yemyin, leaving 250,000 people homeless and a further 300,000 displaced.

So far very little outside aid has reached the region and more help is desperately needed.


WorldWaterWorks Limited has sent a consignment of 100 Water-Survival Boxes by air to Karachi. They will be handed to the National Rural Support Programme (the government approved agency) for onward transportation and distribution to those most in need. Each Water-Survival Box contains water purification equipment sufficient for a family of four people for four months and a variety of survival items including basic shelter, utensils for eating and drinking, cooking pot, health and hygiene, general household items, and simple tools. 

Case studies regarding the water shelter boxes impact among the flood affectees of Balochistan district Kech Turbat.

Case study 1

Mrs. ......  w/o Nasir Ahmed a primary school teacher belongs to a middle class family lost all her valuable in the flood and currently living with her husband 2 kids along with her in-laws in a single tent. According to her “My early days after the flood were un expressible when we were nothing to eat, no place to live on even not a drop of fresh water above all the unbearable hot weather of Turbat to drink, as I am pregnant I faced lots of trouble while when we need of toilet but thanks NRSP and other NGOs working for us”.

The water survival box were given to us and especially focused the pregnant women’s is very helpful which contains all the necessaries of daily use i.e. kitchen equipments etc; it works for us a lot.

Case study 2

Mrs ...... w/o Noor Baksh live in a tent after the flood along with her husband 3 kids and her in-laws she belongs to a poor family as she lost her home along with all her valuables she feels no attraction towards life as she was not felling well she agreed to talk to us. She was also given the water survival box but she thinks its of no use rather then to give her shelter during this hot weather, while she was on other comment that some thing is batter then nothing as she said “yah the water survival box contain all the equipment of daily use but we need more to sustain our life.

Case study 3

Mrs ..... w/o Nasir Baloch a housewife lives with her husband 4 kids and her in-laws, she too lost her house and is very eager to protect the life of her kids and worry for her kids future and she was on comment that “ well now we are getting every thing out of cost but what will we do after one month, when NGOs will leave, the Government should take steps towards our rehabilitation, at the moment we have food stock for one month and the Government has given to us 15000 rupees, while at the same time NRSP provided us of the water survival box which contains basic instruments of daily use”.

Case study 4

Shah Bi Bi w/o Abdul Majeed resident of Danchupdan, she is happy to get the water survival box expressed her feeling like this “water survival box contains useful items such as water pot in which we easily collect enough water for our daily use, we were nothing before, the most valuable thing in it is the Aquatap to clean water and keep our kids and ourselves safe from diseases this water pot keeps enough capacity to save water for the whole day use, and for we pregnant women’s there is cotton, water pot, bed sheets, kitchen materials, soap, torch these are all valuable for us especially during the delivery.

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