Water-Survival boxes, airlifted to the Philippines.






















Philippines - Typhoon Disaster - December 2006


Last December the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge responded immediately when help was needed for survivors of the typhoons and mudslides in the Philippines. The devastation wrought resembled the aftermath of the Boxing Day Tsunami. Some 80,000 people were left homeless, a further 1.5 million lacked safe drinking water, and in most cases lost all their household possessions. 


Our entire stock of 60 Water-Survival Boxes were sent by air to the Philippines and reached Manila four days after leaving our warehouse. The Philippines Red Cross then transported them to the disaster area. 




This was the response from the local Rotary District Governor: 

The Water Survival Boxes have been so significant, and like the Shelterboxes, it has called the attention of so many homeless    residents, its various material content have provided many benefits. After all distribution is completed, I will send you complete pictures. Community constituents have been requesting now for more and if you still have some stocks, I may request volume of this water boxes. I'll just finish the relief distribution and thereafter, I will concentrate on this aspect. Your assistance is highly commendable. Thanks a lot and good day.

Yours respectfully,

Rotary District Governor Onye Reyes
District 3820 - Philippines

11 January, 2007