No home, no safe water to drink, no belongings.


All aid must arrive as soon as possible after the disaster strikes.









WorldWaterWorks - Water Survival Box


The Water Survival Box is a rigid, reinforced 54 litre plastic container that becomes a receptacle for water when emptied of survival items, it includes a filtration pack including chlorine tablets enough for family of 4 for some 4 months, plus essential survival items, as well as a basic shelter via tarpaulin sheet. The box is filled with new items that people who have lost everything would need to survive.
They include a container to collect water. Mugs to drink out of, cooking pots, bowls to eat from, spoons, anti-septic spray, cotton materials and needles and thread to make basic clothes. Basic tools, Tarpaulin and bungee cords to make simple shelter.
Water Survival Box with different Cooking Options decided by type of disaster, victim needs, remaining infrastructure, and climatic conditions.
The product precisely tailored to disaster area, to target the immediate need of drinking, eating, cooking.
Boxes available from Stock, all new items of high quality. All non-consumable items have a minimum 6 months life in daily use.

It is a fully paid for product full of new items and does not need filling by external organisations. The new items will be tailored to suit the disaster locations. The cost of a survival box is 150.
Purchases can be made online and we would appreciate your support.
WorldWaterWorks is managed by the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge.